デザイナー木島隆幸により、前身のブランド「coeur」から2013年にブランド名を自身の名前である「KIJIMA TAKAYUKI」に改め、メンズライン、ウィメンズラインの展開でスタート。

KIJIMA TAKAYUKIのコレクションは、様々な事柄から伝わる時代の空気感を、独自の視点とバランス感覚で取り入れ、「スタイリングで生きるデザイン」をコンセプトに置くハットブランド。
UNDERCOVER, FACETASM, TOGA, TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst, ART&SCIENCEなどのコラボレーションでは、手作業による細かな表現方法や伝統的な技術を提供。
2017年、Fall/WinterからKIJIMA TAKAYUKIのハイエンドライン「HIGH LINE」をスタート。デザイナーの持つ不変の価値を、希少な素材や贅沢な材料を用いて、伝統的なオートモードの技術を駆使したコレクションを発表。
KIJIMA TAKAYUKIのコレクションは、東京とパリで年2回発表し、国内・海外で展開している。


In 2013, the brand "coeur" changed its name to "KIJIMA TAKAYUKI," the name of the designer behind it, and started with the expansion of its men's and women's lines. KIJIMA TAKAYUKI is a hat brand which filters the atmosphere of the current times through an original perspective and sense of balance, with "design which lives through styling" as a concept.

During the five years from 1990 to 1994, he studied under the late Akio Hirata(*1), the best designer in his field. He studied the European "haute mode"(*2) techniques by collaborating with brands such as Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, COMME des GARÇONS, and more for the production of hats.

In 1995 he established his atelier in Daikanyama Tokyo, opening a brand store in 1999. In his atelier, expert craftsmen make all products by hand, with the utmost care for each individual detail. There, hats are made with unique techniques, in order to achieve a soft and easy-to-wear product which cannot be obtained with mass-production.

In the collaborations with UNDERCOVER, FACETASM, TOGA, TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloIst, ART&SCIENCE, etc., KIJIMA TAKAYUKI provides the expressiveness unique to handmade products and the traditional techniques of hat-making.

In 2017, KIJIMA TAKAYUKI started "HIGH LINE," a high-end line for the Fall/Winter season. This collection uses rare and luxurious raw materials through traditional haute mode techniques, according to the immutable values of the designer.

KIJIMA TAKAYUKI's collection is exhibited twice a year, both in Japan, in Tokyo, and overseas, in Paris (as of November 2018.)